Government of India
Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship
Directorate General of Training
National Skill Training Institute
For Women, NSTI(W)
Trade Syllabus
Salient Features
General Admission Guidelines
Trade Syllabus
Common Subject
Employability Skills   440.63 KB
List of Engineering and Non- Engineering trades under Craftsmen Training Scheme (In Semester Pattern)w.e.f. July, 2014
Engineering Trades
Dress Making
Electronic Mechanic
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant
Basic Cosmetology
Architectural Draughtsmanship
Internet of Things (Smart City)
Smart Phone
Craft Instructors Training Scheme (Semester Pattern)
Dress Making
Architectural Assistantship
AdvancedDiploma Course on IT, Networking & Cloud Computing
Advanced Diploma Course on IT, Networking & Cloud Computing


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